Getting Started

The Big Picture

Ours is a holistic process, designed to take you from where you are today, to that vision for your digital business. It’s the opposite of a pick-and-mix, so you won’t need us if all you think you want is a website, or a logo, or a one-off email campaign.  If you know you need more – if you realise that you need to get your digital business on a firm footing, not just apply a sticking-plaster here and there – then we could be the partner for you.

Thinking Time

First things first.  Take some time to think about your business. Where are you today? Where do you want to be in 6, 12 or 18 months’ time? Visualise how you want your business to grow and think about what’s important to achieve that growth. What values are important to your business? Who are your clients or customers? Where will they come from? What will attract them? How do they need to feel about your business or your services? What makes your proposition stand out?

Now, give us a call.


Project Kick-Off

Our initial consultation can be face-to-face or via Skype or phone. We follow this up with our own research on your sector before a second meeting or call, where we discuss your project in more detail.

We then develop your Business Creation Project Proposal, which will embrace the elements we feel are necessary to give your project the best opportunity of success. We include a detailed breakdown of the proposed solution and a timeline, so you clearly understand every aspect.

Once you’re happy, we draft an Authorisation to Proceed (ATP) which details the agreed deliverables and payment schedule.  Once you sign this and return the deposit payment, we begin the design and development process.



To keep things simple, our approach is based around three different package solutions, with optional add-ons. Once we speak with you, we can determine which solution is the best fit to your needs.

A typical project could include some or all of these elements:

  • Consultancy: Understanding the aims and objectives of your business, marketplace, competition, client/customer profile, etc
  • Project development: Creating the plan for delivery of your digital business
  • Project management: Communicating and delivering on the plan, an ongoing process from the outset of the project
  • Brand development: Identifying what your business looks – and sounds – like online
  • Website: Design and development, with both present and future needs in mind
  • Hosting: We offer an optimum hosting platform for your website and other services
  • eCommerce: Development of your eCommerce platform if you sell through your website
  • Mobile App development: An App may make your business more accessible to customers
  • Digital Marketing: From platform decisions to social media and campaign management, we provide expertise and deliver results
  • PR: When you have a story to tell, we can help to bring it to your audience
  • Graphic Design & Print: Our expert designers incorporate your brand values and messaging into collateral that stands out
  • Copywriting & Blogging: Whether for your website, email marketing or blogging, we develop copy which reflects your brand, communicates your proposition clearly, and boosts your credibility
  • Photography & Video: High impact photography and custom-developed video can add a unique creative dimension to your digital presence


Contact Business Creation Project today, to explore further how we can help build your digital business.